Dunleath Suddenly Seems To Be the Hottest Neighborhood in Greensboro

721 Fifth Avenue: A classic 1915 Foursquare across the street from Sternberger Park

There aren’t usually too many houses for sale in Dunleath. Lately, though, there’s been a little burst of activity, with four houses coming onto the market from late July through late August. All four sellers accepted offers within days. And five other Dunleath homes have sold this summer as well. It’s not so unusual that houses are selling quickly in Dunleath, just that there are so many at once. Has Dunleath ever been a hotter neighborhood?

Those houses range from several beautifully restored homes to some really sad cases of neglect, about what you might expect from a historic district. Here are a few examples. Continue reading “Dunleath Suddenly Seems To Be the Hottest Neighborhood in Greensboro”